The Hurt & The Healer

Author: Tracy Crain

Tracy joined on January 10th, 2010, going through her own grief losing her husband James on June 15th, 2007. In 2009 Tracy became a volunteer room moderator supporting others on this long road so they are not alone, in 2011 she joined the administration here as our Assistant Director under Bill and continued to moderate the chat rooms and give support to members and others. On October 21st, 2013 she was faced with the loss her sister Karen and only sibling this devastated Tracy. Tracy today is now raising her niece Kathryn, who is 13 years old. On January 21, 2016 she was promoted to Director of Tracy is the backbone of Safehaven for widowed; and our gatekeeper, she knows all that goes on here at Safehaven for widowed.