the death of my wife

My wife Sandra joy charles died Feb 4 2013, she decided to take her own life because her health was getting worse and the medical field did not know what to do for her anymore. Sandi was born Oct 20,1947 in Brooklyn   NY  she had an older brother before her. she was loved by her mother but not her father, he believed kids work for the parents when they are old enough. her father treated her as a sex toy and told her she would never amount to anything would not hold down a job, the only thing she would be good for was being a sex toy for  him. sandi had very low self esteem and never had many friends she would help the kids that were bullied in school she loved school and excel well. her favorite subject was art and she was good. her pictures were life like in every detail will post some. when sandi was 9 her sister linda was born she loved her sister dearly and was like a second mother to her as well as for her youger brother dave who was born 2 years after linda the three of them were very close Bob the older brother would make fun of sandi for was a big girl and develop early in her life and he once took her younger sister for a ride in the wagon and sandi wanted to go to but bob said no your to fat! that hurt sandi so much and her self esteem got more lower, she would trip herself going down stairs in hoping to kill her self becauseof the way her father and older brother treated her. sandi had to quit school in her senior year to work for  her mom who just opened a diner she did the cooking that is why she was such a super cook. then her mom got help and sandi returned to school to graduate and the best thing about that she was with her sister they went to high school together. her sister went to collage but sandi went to work for a stock exchange in Manhattan NY for 20 years. she got married to a man who later abused her she divorced him.she moved to florida east coast where she continued to work for the stock exchange she met another woman there in a church called science of mind sandi liked that church they helped her to understand god and her self, but this woman she met there turned out nice in the beginning but was controlling sandi had lost weight by going to dance clubs, and she felt good,but this woman Judith changed all that, sandi left the company she worked for 20 years, and lived with judith to take care of her for she was obese and was sick and not going to live long. so judith liked fatty foods and laid in bed alot and had sandi do the same and her weight got back on much worse. judith took advantage of sandi and saw her weakness and preyed upon it, because of her childhood abuse  from her father and brother  sandi felt she was not worth to be loved. and judith like sandi’s husband saw this and used her. Her mother died of  a lung infection and later they learned she was bipolor which explain why she could not protect her babies for long. she was a loving mother to her kids and did her best but her illness got the best of her. she died before her father. her father later got ill and her younger sister cared for him but sandi did not want any part of him when she got older. when she turned 18 he threw her out of the house. there was no love from her father to sandi he thought of her as nothing. so all sandi knew was being told she was to fat to do anything from her father brother husband. and when she finally lost the weight from dancing she met judith and she brought sandi right back into low self esteem she could have refused judith and left her but she felt sorry for her and judith filled her up with so may untruths about her life that sandi did not know what to believe. the only good thing judith did for sandi was bring her to NH  to be with her sister and they decided to move here. they moved to central square Terrance in october of 1991 i moved there in march of will continue next on sandi and my meeting and what happen next.