Safehaven for Widowed members go down to Texas and to Louisiana area.

Safehaven for Widowed on Thursday evening, August 31st, 2017 had 10 members go down to Texas and to Louisiana area.To assist in the relief and rescue operations caused by hurricane Harvey to the residents in Texas and Louisiana please keep them in your prayers and everyone affected by this.
They have arrived safely, we have heard from them this morning and they are there safely. They are: Christine, George, Marie, Michelle, Rachel, Rebecca, Robert, Robin, Tony,Veronica.
Thank You,
Paul Dunphy,
Asst.: Director

Author: Paul Dunphy

Hello I am Paul, I am one of the administrators here at I joined this club that no one wants to join. December 2010, my wife Karen and my son Paul Jr were both taken from me by a car accident coming back from the King of Prussia mall here in Pa. on September 2, 2010. They went to finish last minute school shopping for Paul.