Christmas In Heaven Narrated By: Stephen Meara Blount Poem: Author Unknown

We put together this video for all those that have
lost loved ones who are in Heaven
during this Holiday Season.
Also in memory of Terri L. Fyler 12/26/2008
and all of your loved ones.

Going on without you

Going on without you

I want it to stop hurting,

I want it to stop hurting

Safehaven for Widowed members go down to Texas and to Louisiana area.

Safehaven for Widowed on Thursday evening, August 31st, 2017 had 10 members go down to Texas and to Louisiana area.To assist in the relief and rescue operations caused by hurricane Harvey to the residents in Texas and Louisiana please keep them in your prayers and everyone affected by this.
They have arrived safely, we have heard from them this morning and they are there safely. They are: Christine, George, Marie, Michelle, Rachel, Rebecca, Robert, Robin, Tony,Veronica.
Thank You,
Paul Dunphy,
Asst.: Director

If You Are Missing A Lost Loved One, This Song Just May Bring You The Peace You Need!And hearing ‘Knowing What I Know About Heaven’ by Guy Penrod and Sarah Darling will give you so much peace.

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