The Book of Unknown Americans by Cristina Henriquez

This is Milford’s latest entry in the “one book one city” series. Immigrants from a number of Latin American countries reside in one building and it’s their stories of coming to and adjusting to a new country that are the heart and soul of this novel. There is also a sweet love story  between two characters that has a Romeo and Juliet-esque  feeling to it  but with a much different ending. The reasons for the immigrants coming to the United States are as varied as the immigrants themselves: the hope for a better life, improved health care options and political freedom. This is very well written and an engrossing quick read.

The Whole Town’s Talking by Fannie Flagg

This is an enchanting tale of the founding of a small Midwestern town, its inhabitants  and a very sweet  and interesting perspective on the afterlife. Elwood Springs was founded by Swedish immigrants  and as the story unfolds the town grows along with it. This novel is full of charm and wit and a quick read. I’ve never read anything by Ms Flagg before and the question I ask myself is why did I wait so long.

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Georgia Peaches and Other Forbidden Fruit by Jaye Robin Brown

This is an engaging novel of what it means to be different and the journey to embrace that difference. Joanna, her evangelical minister father and stepmother move from Atlanta to a smaller Georgia town. Aware of the prevailing attitudes of the town,Joanna and her father strike a deal: if Joanna can keep her sexual identity hidden for a year,she would be rewarded with a trip to Provincetown. This promise leads to a lot of complications for Joanna which slowly but surely get resolved. This is classified as a young adult novel but can be appreciated by all readers. The author does a good job in describing the life of a high school  senior trying to be accepted for who she is rather than being identified by a sexual label.

Difficult Women by Roxane Gay

This is a collection of short stories narrated by women in all phases of life.  All the narrators are damaged psychologically and it is that damaged part of themselves that  compel them to make the choices they make. Some of the stories are difficult to read but worth sticking with. I’m ordinarily not a fan of short story collections  as they tend to be inconsistent   This one however is uniformly  very good.

The Mortifications by Derek Palacio

Ths is a story of a mother and her twin children who escape Cuba leaving their politically radical father/ husband behind. Setting in Connecticut the family adapts to their new country and home in a variety of ways. The unexpected arrival of a letter from their estranged father prompts the twins to return home in search of their father. The trip also enables the twins to come to terms with their life choices. Overall it’s a good read

Maine by J Courtney Sullivan

Members of a large dysfunctional Irish Catholic family  take turns traveling to their childhood home in Maine to visit with the widowed matriarch of the family. It becomes quite apparent early on how the individuals deal with their  particular issues and the issues of the family as a whole. This dysfunction is highlighted when a secret held by the matriarch is revealed causing greater problems with the family   This is a really interesting read on family dynamics and the roles one assumes in a family. There are several unikeable characters in this but  they add an interesting angle to the story.

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