7th Year Anniversary

7th-anniversary-golden-editionSafeHavenforWidowed was founded and developed by Bill Fyler on November 19, 2009, dedicated and remembrance of his wife, Terri L. Fyler, who passed away on December 26, 2008. Bill wanted a Safehaven to bring everyone together all those who have suffered a loss related to death and significant life changes.
Connecting with others who have also lost a loved one additionally grieving and giving them the opportunity to proportion their grief with others who can relate to what they are feeling and understand with others who are at the identical journey where everyone understands in a loving and caring environment worldwide.
Offering “of” grief chat rooms, giving all the opportunity to give and receive grief support from other peer’s in the widowed and non-widowed community who have also experienced the loss of a
loved one.
By sharing their own feelings, thoughts and stories, so they are not alone. By sharing their story with other members and supporting those, they form online relationships with; they can begin to work through their own grief and find hope in the journey and through others. As well as not being alone.


Administer for our new Blog online also moderator some of her many duties are recruiting moderators and scheduling, supporting our volunteer moderators once they've assumed their new roles. I am also widowed lost my husband Aug 18, 2011.

Six Scary Stories by Stephen King

This is a departure for the master of the macabre. A little background history: when Stephens latest collection of short stories Bazaar of Bad Dreams was published in England a contest was held for readers to submit  their own stories. Stephen decided he couldn’t stop at one so selected six to make up this volume. These are good and reflective of kings influence and they all show future promise for all of the authors

Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney

These  are a series of books highlighting Greg a middle school ID who feels his family and the entire world are out to get him. These are heavily and funnily illustrated and quick reads. While they’re targeted for middle school aged children they can be enjoyed by all ages. There are currently 11 in the series and ideally should be read in order as one book carries  over some themes from the book before it

The association of small bombs by Karan mahajan

A bomb goes off in Dehi killing two young brothers and injuring their friend. The friend is traumatized to the extent that he’s almost a prisoner in his own home as his parents are too frightened to let him out of their sight. He grows up and becomes involved with another bombing. This is a multilevel novel as the families of the dead boys and surviving son struggle to come to terms with this event. This is a quite interesting look at a culture different than ours and the various ways people adapt to grief and loss.

And Every Morning The Way Home Gets Longer and Longer by Fredrik Backman

This is a wonderful novella about the special relationship between a grandfather and his grandson. The grandfather is suffering from a cognitive impairment and wants to leave his grandson with as many memories of him as possible. This is beautifully written and at 76 pages can be read in one sitting – I finished it in a couple of hours. Fredrik Backman is a wonderful writer whose books grab your heart and don’t let go.