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Sandi was a beautiful person she was the best wife,
sister and my best friend. Sandi was a jewlerymaker, bookkeeper, cook and advocate for disability rights, animal abuse and she could not stand to see anyone judged.

Sandi was very outspoken and she loved to be loved.
I bless the day I found her for she taught me how to live and how to love and how to be happy. Sandi could make a cloudy day turn into a sunny day by her smile she had a smile that lit me up every day.

She loved butterflies and when I see one I think of her beauty and she is free to soar in the sky and look down at me and smile.

We will be together in time and I love you precious and our furry kids but you need to know you are here for a reason and as much as you miss me I know we will always be together for our hearts are one.