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Paul J. Dunphy Jr. was born on May 09, 2000. He was a gentle, caring soul. From day one he didn't even cry getting his shots.  Paul Jr. and my wife Karen both died on September 2, 2010 in
a car accident on the way home from the Mall.

Paul was an old soul at heart and was always called "the peacemaker". He was the icing to our wonderful family. He never liked conflict and didn't like to be around angry people. Usually he could steer you in a different direction, and when that didn't work he'd do what he was always taught.. Just get on your bike and come home, and that he did. His presence is so deeply missed every single day.  

Paul was friends with all the neighborhood kids Paul brought the neighborhood to life and some that never came out suddenly you couldn't keep them inside anymore.  "The Gang", we would call them, the neighborhood is different now, too quiet.  
How I would love to have the good old days with all the boys in my basement clowning around and eating, just to hear the laughter again.  

The ocean and swimming was one of Paul’s' favorite pass times.  If there was water you found Paul in it.   Every time we'd go to the shore you couldn't keep Paul out of the water.  How it's so bittersweet now, the memories are wonderful but also very painful.

 A son so endlessly missed! Both are much, much loved, missed and will always be remembered by all their friends and family, every day of the week and every month of the year.

Walk beside me buddy. My angel’s on earth and now in Heaven.
Paul Sr.