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Patricia had battled a very long life with a heart condition that finally made her one of god's angels. She was a caring, loving and joyful person to know in life.

She loved spending time with all of her family and friends. When she wasn't spending time with them you could find her outside doing something. She would either be fishing, hunting, gardening or taking care of her humming birds.

She finally gave up hunting after she was asked to care for a baby fawn that lost its mother. She raised and named that deer even after it became an adult. If you couldn't find her inside her house she would be outside with all of her deer taking care of them all.
Her joy in life was her children and grandchildren.

She taught every single one of them how to show love toward everyone. There wasn't a person that she didn't stop and talk to when she went to town. Nor a day that went by that she didn't call and talk to her children.

She is loved and missed by allot of people.