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Lisa was a beautiful friend. She was loving and caring, down to earth, wise, funny, comforting, passionate, fun, reassuring, and authentic. Her faith in God was unwavering. Her determination and convictions, steadfast. 

Lisa did not have an easy life, but she used everything that came in front of her to allow God to make her better. She had
a simple wisdom that spoke volumes and has stayed with me. She was the one person I could always count on to speak the truth in love. With her, there was no need to pretend. When
she asked, "How are you?” she sincerely wanted the answer and, if you didn't give it to her, she would say, "No really, how are you?" 

My favorite memories of her are of sitting with her in her living room. We would talk about the deepest things of our hearts,
but it never ever seemed a burden.

We agreed that we are both stubborn souls and we used to joke that the gates of heaven are not made of pearls at all, but of all the bloody 2x4s that God had to hit us over the head with to get us there. 

Lisa, thank you for loving me unconditionally. Thank you for showing me the best parts of myself and overlooking the parts that aren't so great. 

My dear friend, Lisa. I miss you more than words can ever hope to express. I know I will see you again, but the ache in my heart that is left by your absence is vast. I am grateful for the time that we had to spend together and honored that I could call you my friend.

I love you.