Grant was born in Thunderbay, Ontario into a dirt poor family. He moved to Manitoba and then to Alberta to go to university.

He became a writer of short stories and poetry. Because he liked to eat he did many jobs but eventually started A.S.A.P. Landscaping Ltd. where he spent many years digging in the dirt, and caring for what God had created. 

Grant had 3 bio children--2 step children-- one adopted child and 9 grandchildren. It was the joy of his life to be a father and grandfather.

He spent much of his day making sure that each child learned the lessons of life. 

Grant gave-gave--and gave. It was this motto to make sure he gave something every day to better someone’s life. It could be as small as opening a door, stopping at a red light to give his coat to someone without one or his yearly Christmas dinner with 200 less fortunate people. 

Grant was married 5 times--had many losses--in his words "the story of my life begins and ends with you " Grace Adiena Pobihushchyj (gap to most of you) -- As a husband he gave his whole self heart mind and soul. 

All that knew Grant are the luckiest people in the world to have known him. His crazy humor, wisdom, kindness, giving spirit but most of all his love of life no matter what. All of his being lives with us every day