Donald was a caring lovable, energetic, and vivacious man. His life was his and he welcomed many people into it.

He will also be remembered as a family man, confident and best friend. He was an avid sportsman and political bluff. In remembering and sharing stories about his life a few may stand out; like the year he received a “Governors Award” for volunteering rescuing families from their row homes during a fire back in 1982 that burned down many homes.

And his capability to send 10 lbs of fudge the mail and through and expect that we could actually eat it all that year, he was always armed with a joke that would make you laugh and could convey much concern, care and loving during difficult times.

His whip sense of humor kept friends and families on their toes, and his knack for providing commonsense advice was enjoyed by all that knew him.

One of the most important things he handed down to our children was his love and taste of music that will always live strong through him and us. The one word to describe Donald would be “Class”. He is strongly missed by all that knew him!

There is so much that is left unsaid and undone.Your children and I miss and love you forever and always.
We miss your humor, your wit, your snarky comments, and your loving, caring humanity.
We love you to infinity and beyond, until we meet again.