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I miss your gentle spirit. I miss that smile and the sly little way the edge of your lips curled when you were teasing. As kids,
I remember playing on the computer, seeing who could jump down the most steps without breaking an ankle, and "sword" fights with sticks in the woods behind your house. 

I'm sorry for the way you suffered and I wish so badly you would have opened your heart more to allow those of us who love you in so you would not have been so alone.

I know that your view from heaven is now much better and you can see everything from God's perspective and I am grateful you now have that. 

Your family and mine...we've been intertwined from the beginning. The Chermaks and the Reeverts. So, in some ways, I considered you a brother. I'm sad that you chose to leave us, but I know I will see you again. So, for now, I am grateful that you are free. 

I'll see you when I get there, brother.