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Jim Ed Morton was born 2-1-71 and was the only boy of five children.  He was an old soul and was always very protective of his family.  He worked as a Paramedic and as a police officer and we met when I was on an ambulance run as an EMT while he was working as an officer.  

It was literally love at first sight for us both!  He accepted my three children as his own and helped me raise them.  We were together for 23 years.  For the last 15 of those years his health declined and he was unable to work while I worked as an RN.   

He was the most generous and loving man I have ever known. I've often said that no one has or ever will love me the way he did.

I remember that I used to tell him "thank you for loving me" and his response was always "thank you for letting me."