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My dear, precious friend and chosen sister, I am so grateful that God brought us together. We have gone through so many good times and
so many struggles these past 22 years.

It's hard to know what to say here that will honor your life the way that I wish it could. So, I just want to say to you the things that are most on my heart:

This life was often a struggle for you and for that, I'm sorry.
But, I want you to know that you blessed people even through your struggles...and sometimes, perhaps, because of them.

Wherever you were, you reached out to people with your kindness. Every place you've been, you have left your mark of love. In my life, in your unconditional love, I found the freedom to be myself. I could always be honest with you about my thoughts, my fears, my feelings, and my struggles.

And I never had to worry that anything I would share would cause you to judge or reject me. In you, there was always acceptance. Though, because of your struggles, many did not get to see it, I was honored to share in the joy that your sense of humor brought.

Even when the darkness surrounded you, you found ways to sneak in those little phrases that would make me laugh. Your love for animals was an outward expression of the love you had for life. It has brought me so much comfort recently in the loss of Sam and Oreo to know that they are now with you.
The days we adopted each of our fur babies are some of the ones that are most burned in my memory because they were some of the most meaningful and precious.

I am honored, dear friend, that God allowed our lives to intersect. I am still in awe that God allowed me the honor of leading you to Christ. And I know that, because of that, this separation is not forever. Though I miss you so deeply words cannot express,

I know that you are finally free and that the moment you left this earth, you stepped into the presence of your Father. You finally know how beloved and precious you are...and how deeply loved you always were.

I love you and miss you, dear friend.
Save a place for me. I'll see you when I get there.

Love, Kristina