SafeHavenForWidowed recognizes that all people,are unique and grieve
  different and that there is no time limit in grief.

  Article's to help you understand some of the emotions you are likely
  going through after the death of a loved one and to offer some
  suggestions on how best to cope and deal with these emotions.

  Also which can answer many of your questions to cope with your great
  loss and to realize you are not alone in your journey


Do You Feel Like You are Losing Your Mind?
Coping with Grief and Loss
Myths and Facts About Grief
Grief Can Be A Roller Coaster
A Reason, A Season, OR A Lifetime
The First Anniversary Year Has Passed
Helping A Child Deal With Grief
images/tit_bararticles.jpg Sibling Survivors
5 Tips For Coping With The Death Of A Parent
How Did Grief Get An Expiration Date?
How To Support A Grieving Person
Things That Other Say To Us
Coping with grief and loss tip
Is There A Right Time To Stop Wearing Your Wedding Ring?
images/tit_bararticles.jpg What Is Grief?
Grief by Stephanie J. DeMartino
Are There Stages Of Grief?
Stages Of Grief
Common Symptoms Of Grief
Normal Feelings Of Grief
Financial Check List
Everyone Grieves Differently
Tips On Dealing With A Loss
Coping With Reminders After A Loss
The Seasons Through Your Grief
Surviving Valentine's Day
The Holiday Army
6 Months And I Still Don't Feel Better.
How Long Does Grieving Last?
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